People have usually had, in their lives, some sort of medical experience that has been very traumatic. Just think about it.
It may be a visit to the dentist, just an ordinary one.
It may be an emergency operation.
It may be an experience where you were afraid you were going to die.
It may be an eye operation where you are feeling pain and the doctor says you should not be and you thing that something must be wrong.
It might be the diagnosis of a serious or chronic of life threatening illness.

Strangely enough it is the first one which might make us undeerstand that trauma may lead to non compliance or missing of appointments.

If the dentist hurts you you are not very happy to go for your next appointment and you might even miss it and only return when you have painful toot ache.

Recognize youself?

I would like to hear about your experiences or what you think about this in general.