On the corner of a block in Brooklyn stands a large building. A deserted building, it seems, unless one would take the time to peer through the window and  be surprised to find it scrupulously clean, with rooms furnished with things that must have been thrown away and put to good use.

Residing in the building are the Scattercats, named for the fact that if anyone would find a group of stray cats on the streets and plan to catch them, they would instantly scatter in all directions, making it impossible to catch even the slowest of them.

Later they would be known as the “Skateboard Scattercats” and perhaps that is where this story  begins……


“Who is this” asked Tigger as he saw a very sick kitten lying beside the skateboard? They had parked it for a few minutes while they went to drink from a leaking tap. 
Ginger came over to him and looked carefully at Number Seven. 
“He is very ill,” he said. “He looks and also smells very ill. I don’t think he is going to make it.” 
The two cats gently lifted Number Seven on to the skateboard and went off at speed leaning sideways when going round corners and straightening out to continue on their way. 
Number 7 could not grasp what was happening. Who were they and what was he riding on ? But he was going to die, wasn't he? He knew it and even these cats had said so. 

But the ride on the skateboard seemed to be giving him a new energy. Maybe he wasn't going to die ! These cats were obviously doing a lot of good on this strange transport of theirs, which seemed to have been made just for cats. 
In a large abandoned building in Brooklyn live the Scattercats. A group of cats who have themselves gone through abandonment, hunger, thirst, pain and cruelty who are dedicated to helping their fellow cats in need.

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